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 In 1904, The Columbian University became what we today know as The George Washington University. Along with the change of name, also came the change of school colors. The University colors were changed from orange and blue to buff and blue to commemorate the colors of the uniform that George Washington wore when he resigned as Commander In Chief of the Continental Army on December 23, 1783. The name "Colonials" was the mascot name that was voted in by the student body in 1928. "Colonials" continues to be the institutional mascot of The George Washington University in the year 2007.
George - Formerly referred to as "George 1", is the character mascot of George Washington. George is considered to be our #1 Colonial and also serves as the namesake mascot of GW. George can often be found at GW athletic events, making community appearances, and visiting several on-campus events to ensure that school spirit and campus unity are continuing to grow at The George Washington University.
BIG George - Although Big George is commonly mistaken as the University mascot, he is actually GW's BIGGEST sports fan. Standing at 10 feet tall, this inflatable mascot can be found at all of the men's and women's basketball games, fall and spring sports, Midnight Madness, team send-offs, pep rallies, and several GW and community events. If there is a game to be played by GW athletes, Big George can be found cheering his Colonials on to victory!
The Hippo - In 1996, President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg presented a gift to The George Washington University's Class of 2000--a bronze statue of a hippopotamus. Placed at the center of the campus, at H and 21st streets, the hippo has become a popular, though unofficial, GW mascot.
The legend surrounding the GW Hippo appears on the statue's plaque:

GW's River Horse Legend has it that the Potomac was once home to these wondrous beasts. George and Martha Washington are even said to have watched them cavort in the river shallows from the porch of their beloved Mount Vernon on summer evenings. Credited with enhancing the fertility of the plantation, the Washingtons believed the hippopotamuses brought them good luck, and children on the estate often attempted to lure the creatures close enough to the shore to touch a nose for good luck. So, too, many generations of students of The George Washington University.
"Art for wisdom, Science for joy,
Politics for beauty, a Hippo for hope"
(All of the GW characters can be scheduled to appear at YOUR event!!!  Click here for more details!)
GW Fight Song - Every Colonial fan knows that when the GW Fight Song is played, our school tradition is to stand up, clap your hands to the beat, and sing the words. GW fans can often be seen cheering, clapping, and even throwing their arms in the air when certain lyrics are sung. Every incoming freshman is taught the words to the GW Fight Song during their Colonial Inauguration sessions. You can even hear the university bells play our Fight Song at 12:15 pm, and 6:00 pm everyday in Kogan Plaza.
(rewritten by Patrick M. Jones in 1990)
Hail to the Buff! Hail to the Blue!
Hail to the Buff and Blue!
All our lives, we'll be proud to say...
We hail from GW - (GO BIG BLUE!)
Oh, by George we're happy we can say,
We're GW, here to show the way
So, Raise high the Buff! Raise high the Blue!
Loyal to GW!
Loyal to GW..........FIGHT!
Alma Mater -
GW Alma Mater
(rewritten by Dr. George Steiner in 1970)
Hail Alma Mater
To thy spirit guiding,
Knowledge thy closest friend
In its strength abiding,
Pledge we fidelity
Ne'er its place resigning,
Hail thee George Washington!
Baketball Game Traditions:
Team Entrance - Two cheer team members run the "G" and "W' flags, leading the basketball team onto the court before the game. "Bring 'Em Out" plays as the crowd goes wild!
Player Introductions - As the starting line-up of the opposing team is introduced, fans turn there backs and ignore them until the Cheer Team begins the game intro clap. When our starters are introduced, the Cheer and Dance Teams do ripples of motions with each name called.
WOOOSH!!! - It's our time at the line! When a GW player goes to the foul line, our GW fans are back on their feet with their arms extended above their heads quickly moving their fingers back and forth. Once our player makes the basket, the GW tradition is to drop your arms down to your sides and yell "WOOOSH!" as loud as you can.
Laffy Taffy - One of our newest chants, this began after the last game of the 2006 season after the fans rushed the court. Senior basketball team players began the "G" "Dub" chant to the song "Laffy Taffy," and it stuck!
Car Wash - This tradition began this season when we played this song at the end of a time-out. The crowd caught on and it has been an integral part of each game ever since!
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